Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Hello, World!!

Soon after creating Sarcastic Sally I realized I wanted to create a sense of community with the people that have been showing interest with our brand. So, I have decided to create this blog as a way for you to feel more closely to our products and what inspires us to keep going forward.

I have a VERY stressful job in the healthcare industry. How do I cope with my everyday tense life? HUMOR!!! For me, there is no better way to get through life and give my brain a shot of dopamine (and let’s be honest…alcohol and videogames, please don't judge me).

As a way to give this blog a good welcome, I decided to create a list of facts regarding me, this brand and our daily enemy, COVID!!!


1. Yes, I’m a woman

2. No, I’m not a nurse

3. Yes, nurses are amazing and without them my job would be impossible to do

4. Yes, Covid 19 is real

5. Yes, I also feel now everyone has Covid and all other disease are being forgotten

6. No, I’m not a “Covid Doctor”

7. My main goal: to make you smile at least once per day. Maybe while taking your mug in the morning for your favorite caffeinated drink, using our tshirts as pajamas…...or maybe you wanna use them to wash your car, whatever works for you!!

8. My wish: to us the opportunity to have a small piece of your valuable time


We hope you have a wonderful day/night/week/year, seen you all in the next post!

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